The Best part of making food is sharing the love!

Greek Yogurt

“I was recently at the Comox Farmers Market and bought some delightful Orange Blossom Cardamom Yogurt.  It was a leap of faith that I bought your yogurt, having never tried it before.  WOW, it was fabulous.

“Your yogurt is what every other yogurt wishes it was.  I thought so before I tried your greek style Chai spiced yogurt while in Courtenay.  Now I am completely convinced that it is true! We love love love this stuff!  Keep up the exceptional work!” — Two devoted fans in Victoria

“I just needed to let you know that your Lemon Greek Yogurt is divine. I just finished off a bowl and was so moved by the exquisite texture and subtle flavour that I felt like I couldn’t go on living any longer without telling you how very impressed I am with the quality of your product. It is truly well-made. Congratulations on achieving yogurt greatness!”

“The chai latte greek yogurt was completely divine!”

“I have been buying your yogurt at Moss Street Market on Saturdays. My granddaughter and I have enjoyed the flavours we have tried, especially the texture.”

Cream Top Yogurt

“Hi! I just tried your yogurt for the first time and I fell in love instantly. –Tina (Victoria, BC)

“I tried your cream top yogurt for the first time today (I got it from Country Grocer in Nanaimo) and was blown away by how fabulous it is!”

“I just tried your Cream Top Yogurt and have to say that it is the best yogurt I have tried for many years.  Congratulations on a wonderful product that doesn’t mess with homogenization.” –Erna (Courtenay, BC)

“THANK YOU!!! I have been giving your yogurt to my year old daughter and she LOVES it and it feels so good to give her quality, grass fed dairy :)”

“This Tree Island yogurt is craaaaazy good. Whenever I eat the cream top layer ‘Crazy in Love’ instantly starts playing all around me.”